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You're not human, you're a dog


"[The Captain and the soldiers] were walking behind me, with their rifles pointed at me. ‘Get in and see if there are tunnels or not,’ [the Captain] ordered me. They made me search all the rooms for tunnels.”


"I was crying and begging him to stop, but he did not show any mercy.”


“I spent Friday, July 25, with Israeli occupation soldiers who locked me in this room. I do not know whether I am going to live or they are going to kill me.”

“Even if Hamas or another Palestinian armed group may have violated the laws of war and used civilians as human shields, this does not relieve Israel from its obligations under international law.”

“Protected persons may not be compelled to undertake any work which would involve them in the obligation of taking part in military operations.”

“The civilian population is not to be used for the military needs of the occupying army.”